Course Selection

Travel course proposal and selection process

The student services program coordinator will email all Media School faculty to solicit proposals for new or repeated field experience programs for the upcoming academic year.

In order to encourage the development of a curriculum that meets our internationalization objectives and enhance the transparency of the field experience course selection process, proposals from Media School faculty members will be evaluated on the extent to which they further the program's learning objectives and whether they:

  • have been taught previously with strongly positive student evaluations
  • include interaction with local students, media professionals and academic organizations
  • include strong pre-travel components that allow for extensive preparation for the field experience
  • include strong post-travel components that require considered reflection on the field experience, preferably with classwork in which students can express what they have learned
  • firmly integrate the field experience within the overarching goals of the course
  • have completed (or plan to complete) an Office of Overseas Study-funded planning trip, or have used funds from research account to conduct a scouting trip
  • require students to participate in active learning during the field experience that goes beyond passive observation
  • match with IU International Partnership universities
  • expand the field experience program into non-traditional destinations, particularly in the developing world, while avoiding geographical duplication of other courses

The proposal, evaluation and approval of field experience courses begins during the fall semester of the academic year prior to the proposed course.