Office Supplies

Office supplies

Office supplies such as pens, pencils, clips and paper are kept in common areas for faculty and staff to access as needed.

Franklin Hall

Supplies are located in cabinets near the printers on each floor. More expansive selections of supplies are in the office suites on Stack 5/second floor (near the printer) and on Stack 6/third floor (next to the kitchenette).

Don't see what you need? Contact Darla Crawford.

Radio-Television Building

Supplies are located in a supply closet in TV339, the same room where the copier and printer are located. All faculty have keys to this room.

Don't see what you need? Contact Darla Crawford.


Paper letterhead and envelopes can be found with general office supplies in Franklin Hall and in Room 339 in RTV. We are generally not able to support mass mailings on letterhead.