Undergraduate Research Symposium

Nominate your students' work

The Media School will host its second annual Undergraduate Research Symposium on Wednesday, April 3. The goals of the event are the following:

  • To create a school-wide public culture of valuing and recognizing undergraduate research/critical thinking.
  • To demonstrate the school’s commitment to research and critical thinking at the undergraduate level (in addition to providing hands-on skills).
  • To add the dimension of a “showcased student experience” to undergraduate research and create some excitement around research.
  • To expose undergraduates to a mini-simulated conference poster experience.

Below, we request you submit your nomination of the top two or three individual and group substantive research projects/papers from undergraduate classes you taught or supervised in the 2023 calendar year. This might include:

  • Both individual and group research projects/papers generated from courses— these should ideally be major assignments.
  • Independent research projects that you supervised in 2023, including collaborations with students. Both research-in-progress or published research can be submitted.
  • Traditional academic papers based in original research using quantitative or qualitative methods.
  • Critical thinking essays on issues/topics/objects/artifacts based in academic concepts and academic research.

The nomination deadline is Friday, Jan. 17.


Contact Megan Connor.