Subject pool

Student credit

Recording student participation

Students in C101 are required to participate in a research study for credit, so it is extremely important to keep track of students’ participation in studies. You will do this in Acuity. After an appointment has been created in Acuity, you are able to click into that appointment block and apply a label. At the end of each appointment time, you should either mark the appointment as “completed” or “NO SHOW.”

Running your study day-to-day

Contact info

You will need to provide the names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers for yourself and anyone else that will be assisting in running your research study to the research coordinator. This is necessary for prompt communication should any issues arise with your study.

Orientation meeting

The research coordinator will reach out to schedule an orientation meeting with you around the time your study begins. This is especially important if you are new to using the ICR space or if you have any research assistants who are new to the space. We will go over basic ICR policies, make sure your Acuity calendar is set up correctly, and go over any additional needs or concerns you might have for your study.

Accessing the ICR

The ICR is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m .on weekdays. It is locked, but keycard-accessible the rest of the time. If you plan to be there beyond that time frame, you will need to request access from the research coordinator. You can also be granted access to the kitchen off the ICR.

Each room inside the ICR is locked individually. You can access these keys through the “key zoo,” which is the top, leftmost locker. Please contact Megan Connor for the combination to access the keys. Please use the required room key to open your room, then immediately return it to the key zoo and relock.

Best practices

As noted above, participating in a research study is now a graded requirement for Media School students. It is then important that we are extra conscientious about how studies are scheduled and run to respect our students’ time and effort to participate. This can look like:

  • Checking your Acuity calendar in the evening to review if there are new appointments or cancellations the following day (students must sign up or cancel at minimum of 12 hours before the appointment)
  • Arriving in the ICR at least 10 minutes prior to your first appointment, or earlier if there is significant set-up involved in your research study
    Keeping your Acuity calendar up-to-date with participant information (completed study, no-shows, etc.)
  • Keeping any paperwork related to your study (such as informed consents) organized and secure
  • Immediately contacting the research coordinator if any issues arise with student participants


Contact Megan Connor, research and creative activity coordinator.