Record an I

Record of Incomplete ("I") grade

This form documents the circumstances that led an instructor to award a grade of Incomplete ("I") and the action(s) that must be taken by the student in order to remove it. Instructors should be aware of the following regarding awarding a grade of Incomplete:

  • The grade of Incomplete should only be awarded when the student's "work is satisfactory as of the end of the semester but has not been completed." That is, the "student's work in the course is of passing quality."
  • Instructors may award the grade of Incomplete upon a showing of such hardship to a student as would render it unjust to hold the student to the time limits previously fixed for the completion of his/her work.
  • A student must not re-enroll in a course in which a grade of Incomplete has been recorded. The College discourages instructors from using "re-sitting" of a course — having a student not register for a course, but participate as if she
    were — as means of removal of a grade of Incomplete. Instead, instructors should develop a plan for the student to complete the incomplete work and, where necessary and appropriate, attend missed classes.
  • Grades of Incomplete convert automatically to an F after one year has elapsed. The College encourages instructors to set timelines for removal of an Incomplete ahead of the one-year period. In most cases, students will need just a few weeks or months to complete the work.
Read IU's policy on Incompletes

The instructor must complete this form prior to the semester's end.

Within one year, the instructor must send the final grade to Galen Clavio, director of undergraduate studies.

Should the instructor leave IU, Clavio will evaluate the student's work as per this agreement and issue the final grade.


Contact Galen Clavio, director of undergraduate studies.