Networked printers

Using networked printers

The Media School provides networked printing to staff and faculty, with printers located throughout Franklin Hall and the Radio-Television Building. This system allows you to send a print job to the IU Print server and retrieve it at any networked printer across campus.

How to send a job to the print server

Your workstation has two networked printer queues installed. Select "BL_MSCH_BW1" for black and white print jobs. Select "BL_MSCH_Color1" for color print jobs.

How to retrieve your print job

To retrieve your print job, take your Crimson Card to any of the HP775 networked printers in the building.

Swipe your card (magnetic side down) through the card reader. You can also key in your IU username and passphrase if your ID is not handy.

Once you're logged in, select "Print Release" in the upper-left corner of the touch screen. Select your print job(s) by touching check boxes on the screen.

Your job will print. Be sure to log out before you walk away.

Documents will be held in the print queue for 24 hours and then deleted.

If you're having issues connecting to networked printers, submit a help request.