Connect to campus remotely

To connect to campus remotely, you'll need three pieces of technology:

  • Access to the internet
  • Pulse VPN software
  • Duo

Access to the internet

This can be a device connected to the internet at home, or a wireless network at your present location. This connection will dictate the speed and performance of a remote connection to the campus. If you have poor service, then you can expect slow performance.

Pulse VPN software

This software is required to create a virtual private network between your remote device and the universty's network. If your device does not have Pulse Secure software, you can download and install this software from IUware.

Log in to IUware with your IU credentials and then enter "Pulse Secure" into the search bar. Select "Pulse Secure (Pulse Secure For Windows, Pulse Secure For Mac, Pulse Secure For Linux)."

Select the appropriate version of the software for the device you are using. The installation software will download to your device. Then, locate the software (look in the downloads folder) and install it.

Next, set up the VPN.

Learn more about VPN


Duo provides an additional layer of security when you log in at IU. Also known as two-factor authentication, this helps protect sensitive data and guard against increasingly sophisticated email and online scams (for example, phishing attacks that can leave you vulnerable to identity theft. IU has partnered with Duo to provide this service.

You will need to have Duo setup to access a six-digit code to complete the VPN access to the university's network. To do this, you will either need to use a Duo token, or the Duo app on your phone or tablet.

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