Pre-proposals for 2022 field experience courses due Feb. 21

The Media School is now accepting pre-proposals for field experience courses for the spring and summer 2022 semesters.

The Media School’s field experience courses are semesterlong or summer session classes including a short-term travel component, typically ranging in length from one to four weeks. Travel is not guaranteed with the ongoing pandemic but is cautiously planned.

Destinations can be anywhere in the world, including in the U.S., but please consider how your chosen destination may affect the cost to students. Learn more about existing and past field experience courses here.

If you are interested in teaching a field experience course in spring or summer 2022, please submit a pre-proposal by Feb. 24, 2021.

The deans and director of undergraduate studies will review all submissions and select which they would like to see a full proposal for. The proposal will be due at the end of March.

Proposals of courses that had been previously canceled due to COVID-19 will be given preference when it makes sense to do so.


Contact Kristin Martindale, administrative and program coordinator.