Journalism Awards Committee accepting Kemp proposals

Full-time tenure-track and non-tenure-track journalism faculty are eligible to apply for the Kemp Development Grant, which supports curriculum development and research about teaching. Proposals may be individual or collaborative.

This year the Journalism Awards Committee will give priority to proposals that address needs of the B.A.J.'s news reporting and editing curriculum revision.

These awards are comparable to summer faculty fellowships, but faculty cannot receive both in one year. Awards range from $8,000-$12,000, based on individual or collaborative proposals, and will be distributed half at the beginning of summer and half after faculty hear project presentations in late fall/early spring semester.

The committee expects to have $38,000-$40,000 available to award this spring.

The grants are funded by a gift from the late Gretchen A. Kemp, who taught at the journalism school from 1948-74 and was director of the High School Journalism Institute.

Proposals are due March 23. Awards will be announced in April.


Use the sections described below as your template. Submit the completed proposal as a PDF by email to committee chair Teresa White.

  • List the name and rank of each team member for this project.
  • Identify the role each team member will play, including who will be the team leader.
  • Propose the percentage of the project stipend that each team member should receive for his/her contributions to the project.
  • Attach CVs for team members and highlight line items on the CVs relevant to this project proposal.
  • Optional: Letters endorsing the project.

  • List tentative course title.
  • Suggest prerequisites.
  • Provide a course outline/rough syllabus that includes course description, goals and learning outcomes.
  • List AEJMC Professional Values and Competencies the course will address.

This section should be no more than three pages double-spaced. Address the following:

  • Description: What is it you plan to do and how do you plan to go about it? What are essential activities involved in the project?
  • Rationale: Give reasons that justify awarding funds for this project, such as pedagogical needs, innovative approach, anticipated impact on students, leadership in journalism education.
  • Resources: If your project requires special equipment or resources for faculty use (equipment, computer hardware or software, instructional consultants), outline, estimate the cost and justify these anticipated needs. The Kemp Award should not be used to purchase equipment for student use. Instead, equipment for teaching and/or research about teaching is appropriate.
  • Assessment: How will you evaluate whether the project has produced desired results?
  • Dissemination: How do you plan to disseminate the results of your project to Journalism faculty and student community?
  • Individuals/courses affected: Please identify:
    • course(s)
    • approximate number and level of students affected each year (undergraduates, graduates)
    • other faculty members involved (such as for team teaching proposals)

Project evaluation criteria

The Awards Committee will consider the following criteria when evaluating proposals:

  • Benefit to revision of journalism curriculum
  • Originality
  • Instructional need
  • Potential impact on students
  • Timeliness
  • Feasibility
  • Overall quality


Contact Teresa White, Journalism Awards Committee chair.