Journalism Awards Committee accepting Holsinger proposals

The Holsinger Faculty Enrichment Grant funds Journalism faculty enrichment or professional development activities or projects with professionals or news organizations.

This fund is designed to encourage Journalism faculty to stay connected and to collaborate with individuals and organizations in the practice of reporting and disseminating the news in all of its forms. In advance of applying for a grant, candidates must arrange enrichment or professional development activities or projects with professionals or news organizations outside of IU and include those details in their applications.

All full-time Journalism faculty are eligible to apply except for those who have received this grant within the last two years.

Eligible activities

Acceptable uses of funds include reimbursement for travel, lodging, per diem and/or parking.

As per the donor intent, funds may not be used to support faculty attendance at academic conferences. However, in exceptional cases, faculty may use funds for special projects and collaborations that they arrange during a professional conference (such as Society of Professional Journalists), but not simply to attend the conference or make a presentation at the conference.

This grant also cannot be used to fund the expenses of the collaborating professional (for example, to arrange their visits to campus).

Proposals are due April 3.


To apply, you first must arrange a collaboration or project with a news organization or professional.

Then, submit your proposal by email to Journalism Awards Committee chair Teresa White. Your proposal should include:

  • Letter to Journalism Awards Committee: No longer than two pages, this letter should provide rationale for the collaborative activity and explain how the activity will inform teaching and/or benefit students.
  • Budget with estimated costs associated with the activity.
  • Copy of dated correspondence with professional partner (individual or organization): This should include an explanation of collaborative activity, date and location of activity.


Contact Teresa White, Journalism Awards Committee chair.